The Office was created by a Resolution of the Finance Department  No. 45220/F  dated 6.12.1991.Earlier it was under the Directorate of Treasuries up to 1994.It became a separate Heads of Department in 1994 vide Finance Department notification No. 24103/F  dated 06.07.1994.

The various functions of this office includes

  • Maintenance of GPF Accounts and issue of Authorities for Provisional and Final withdrawal from GPF Accounts.

  • Authorization of Pensionary/Retirement benefits.

  • The above two Functions relate to the employees of:                                            
    1. Non-Govt. Aided/Taken over Educational Institutions.
    2. Non-Govt. Aided Educational Institutions managed by Minority Communities.
    3. Educational Institutions earlier managed by Urban Local Bodies.

  • To act as Interim Fund Manager in respect of the new entrants to State Govt. services after 01.01.2005 (New Restructured Defined Contribution Pension Scheme)